My kickstarter has just gone up! 

Have you ever had trouble trying to alter commercial patterns for a certain cosplay? Wouldn’t it just be easier to buy a full pattern for your cosplay?

I will be selling both standard sizes and custom sizes!

Kickstarter link here:

Thank you guys for a great first day!

I have a couple more costume ideas to post as a standard option. I’ll add them in about a week!


Sadly, most of the pictures of Dizzy as Colonello were lost in a tragic accident while transferring from card to computer.

Here, we have the lone survivor

Photo by sailorkun


東京喰種 カネキマスクの作り方 その6






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Coloured and added to this doodle from last night.

My four favourite SNK girlies eheheh B)

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"Accio FRIENDS!" (a.k.a. wow im hella bored)


So Rakel made a neat little video answering some Hogwarts related asks from  this post, and I thought that is super cool! I would love to do a video too, and even Rakel plans on doing it again…

BUT- I’ve gotta do some housework and attend to other business (like making sure Wednesday doesn’t get into any trouble) So… Why not turn it into a little game of tag? Lets get started!

We’ve got some sets of numbers to choose from (A) (B) (Add more if you find any)

But it would be cool if you guys asked questions about popular headcanons too!

I personally will be collecting asks all week while I am away from tumblr, and plan on posting my video Friday, August 1st

If I tag you, don’t feel obligated, but really doesn’t this sound a little fun?

Reblog those sets!

Send me numbers before Friday, and I will make sure to send you some by Thursday evening!

Ask each other questions! The more the merrier! 

Whenever you post your video/ audio post/ text post, make sure to tag it up so everyone who sent you asks can see it!

Hope you guys ask me some questions! 

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Questions for Potterheads


1. Which would tempt you most- the Cloak of Invisibility, the Elder Wand, or the Resurrection Stone?
2. Favorite wizarding family?
3. Favorite wizarding candy?
4. Favorite spell?
5. OTP?
6. NOTP?
7. Favorite ghost?
8. What holiday would you like to celebrate at Hogwarts?
9. What class would you get a “Troll” in?
10. Broom, thestral, hippogriff, or flying motorbike?

Would you rather be a:
11. Metamorphogus or Animagus?
12. Muggle or Squib?
13. Weasley or Malfoy?
14. Hufflepuff or Slytherin?
15. Gryffindor or Ravenclaw?
16. Auror or Professor?
17. Beauxbatons student or Durmstrang student?
18. House elf or a Goblin?
19. Mermaid or a Centaur?

And finally-
20. You and one other person can go to Hogwarts, never to be seen by the Muggle world again. Who do you take?

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Every part of the fandom will understand how comforting this short tune is.


eren is expecting a cute upside down kiss from levi and he’s probably not gonna get one, sorry eren


Don’t shave?
What are you? A Titan?

what… the fuck…


In case you missed this, it is one of the best Weird Al has ever released. Truly.

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